Thursday 02.03.22

HIIT Mamas Free Daily At-Home Workout

Make 3 attempts at each of the following:

Max set of toes-to-bars
Max set of bench dips 
Broad jump for distance

(do each of these exercises in the set until exhaustion and record your reps, then repeat the set 2 more times)

Run 1 mile for time.

Rest as needed between exercises.

Compare to 02.03.21

Post reps/distance for each and mile time to comments.

One Comment

  1. Mile time was 10:09


    Leg lifts 1: 34 bench dips 1: 33 jump: really bad
    Leg lifts 2: 33 bench dips 2: 32 jump: really bad
    Leg lifts 3: 28 bench dips 3: 29 jump: even worse

    Time for those was 14:56

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