1. Had to pause my timer at 9:36 and forgot to restart it! ??‍♀️
    Partitioned all exercises:
    25# SDHP
    HSPU with toes on the box, piked
    Only 25 jumping pull-ups
    Only 30 TTB

  2. I had to modify a few things. But done!

  3. 32:55 Modified:
    24” box HSPU
    Bench assist pull-ups
    45#x30, 25#x20 SDHP

  4. 23:09
    Band-assisted pull ups and push-ups
    Toes to bar on floor
    25# sdlhp

  5. Slow pace today after yardwork and house projects for 9 hours. 39:05. Gpu, jumping pull-ups, 25# kb, leg lifts.

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