1. 6.08 miles in 56.27
    Super sore calf – might have tweaked it during yesterday’s trail run

  2. Melinda Rupp says:

    I did it! 42:41! I am proud of myself! I did not die! Haha! I have not worked out for at least a month!
    Let’s do this!!

  3. Finished! Here’s a few things I noticed…
    1. My lungs shrink .80 miles in
    2. The bones in my legs turn to stone halfway through
    3. Someone sprinkles itching powder on me when I run

    Other than that my 5K took me…
    47.30 minutes
    448 cals
    Avg pace 15’50”/mi

  4. 29:32
    Hoping I can do this round regularly.

  5. 27:09
    *worked an 8hr shift today, then mommy duty, then ran at 10 pm; my left knee was killing me!

  6. Dana Parra says:

    I’m a day behind, but 45:53. Gotta start somewhere.

  7. Katherine says:

    6 miles in 62 minutes

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