1. 28:53 day 1
    26:51 day 90
    I worked an 8-hr shift and I was super tired from that.

  2. 27:32
    One minute slower than 90 days ago but I was running in California heat with no shade on blood thinners and it was a bad combo.

  3. Gabrielle Johnson says:

    32:31 today. 38 flat 90 days ago. I jogged/ran about 2.5 of the 3.2 miles. Bummed I didn’t shave more time, as I only jogged/ran half of it last time, but I also know I’m just not a runner. Thanks for a great 90 day challenge, so proud of myself for completing it, even if it took me an extra two weeks! ?. I have followed for years, although I only do the workouts in spurts. You’re amazing for continuing on with this, thank you!

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