1. Diana juarez says:

    3 rounds

    Plus 200 m run

    Strict pull ups
    Boss push ups

    Last round pull ups weren’t pretty but to remember that when I started following hiitmamas about 3 years ago (give it or take) I wasn’t even able to hang for more than 5 seconds on the pull up bar makes me very proud of how far I’ve come, I am thankful for hiitmamas that has inspire me and all the mamas that post and I cant wait to continue this fitness journey !

    1. That is so awesome Diana! You have a lot to be proud of!! ????

  2. I was moving pretty slow today.

    2 rounds plus a 500.

  3. Went about 20 seconds over to complete 4 rounds
    Jumping pull-ups (I weigh 150 lbs and my long, long arms just can’t take it!)
    Elbows in tight push-ups from knees (working on those)

  4. 3 rounds plus 1 round and 5 pullups

  5. Stephanie Gianchetta says:

    Well shoot, now that I am done I realize I only did 1 round of Mrs. Strict between each run. This resulted in 5 rounds + 200 meter run in 6th round. Total 2700m Run + 25 pull-ups +50 push-ups + 75 squats

  6. 3 complete rounds + 500 meter run
    Used bands and knee push ups

  7. Jessica Olsen says:

    3 rounds

    Ran a mile after

  8. Shaundalee says:

    4 rounds used assist on pull ups knee pushups

  9. Just realized I didn’t post last week ?‍♀️

    3 rounds + 400 m run
    band assisted pull up, about 5 military push-ups then drop to knees to complete set)

  10. I knew I did something wrong! I completed 8 rounds and now I realize I only did 1 Mrs. Strict between each run! Bummer.

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