Tuesday 12.10.19

HIIT Mama Corey
Chicago, IL

“My name is Corey and I’m a 26 year old full time audiologist in downtown Chicago!  After graduate school, my residency time, and getting married I was looking for a way
to get back to the athletic girl I was before all of that!  I found your sight on a Pinterest post last year and when my family started a biggest loser contest I started “the year of the six pack”!  I followed your workouts everyday for the whole year!  Thanks for the great motivation and workouts!  None if this would have been possible without you!” -2014


For time:
Run 500 meters
50 Butterfly sit-ups
Run 1,000 meters
30 Butterfly sit-ups
Run 2,000 meters
20 Butterfly sit-ups

Compare to 02.08.16

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