1. Audrey Vaughn says:

    5k done. 27:33.

  2. I’m in! 5k done. 27:33.

  3. 3K – 19:56
    (Only had time for a 3k)

  4. Chrystine says:

    First run back since having my third child 5 1/2 weeks ago, felt good but definitely not where I want to be.

  5. Heather Crossley says:

    5K done! 27:15 Excited for the challenge!

  6. Heather Crossley says:

    27:15 excited for the challenge!

  7. Heather Zavala says:

    Healing from a broken toe. Can run in about a week and a half. But walked a 5 k and felt good. Haven’t been able to wear closed toed shoes until yesterday.

  8. 33:20 pushing double stroller, mostly flat

  9. 35:50 hills and my little dog slowing me down but it felt good!

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