1. 4 rounds+ donkey kicks, push ups, and 12single leg squats into round 5.


    7 rds
    5 lbs each leg donkey kicks
    Regular squats

  3. 10 rounds exactly!

    Donkey kicks using resistance band

  4. Diana juarez says:

    7 rounds

    Plus 10 banded donkey kicks and 12 boss push ups

  5. 3 rounds plus donkey kicks. Band assisted pistols. First day back in awhile!

  6. Lindsey Hunt says:

    5 rounds
    Plus 10 donkeys kicks and 4 PU

    Did 10 each side for donkey kicks and 20 each side for lunges

  7. 4 rounds plus donkey kicks, pushups, and 18 pistols. Did gpu. Did 20 pistols per leg each round. Assisted with band.

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