1. Diana juarez says:

    9 rounds plus 5 pull ups

    Super excited ! First 4 rounds strict pull ups no assisted !!! The rest band assisted never thought I could pull my self up let alone 20 times !! Thanks hiitmamas! ???

  2. Ashley P. says:

    6 rounds minus the last set of single leg squats.

    My legs are shaking so hard!!!

    ? go Diana!!

  3. 9 rounds plus 5 pu
    Beat myself by 1 round compared to last month ?

    Awesome job Diana!!!

  4. 2 rounds. Really worked/ struggles with my strict pull ups. Blah.

    1. 6 rounds
      Assisted pull-ups ups
      Mostly single leg step ups

  5. 10 rounds +5 pu and 3 dips

    assisted pull ups

    1. I did 15 total single leg squats each round! Just re-read the wod. Oops!

  6. 8 rounds
    Jump ups
    Not very deep squats

  7. 6 rounds with assisted pull ups and one leg squats

  8. 8 rounds; did 15 leg squats each side per round (30 total each round); hope that was right. Iā€™m shaking.

  9. Nicole Cook says:

    I did 10 complete rounds plus the pull ups and dips for the 11th round. I used a pull up machine with a little assistance but they were the hardest ones I’ve done so far. Also I could not get the one leg squat down so I did 20 low squats.

    Then I walked/jogged 1 mile

  10. Amy Brown says:

    7 mins 5 rounds. Workout ruined by mother-in-law. In a hurry. Hopefully can do the other 13 mins later.

    Pull-ups assisted. 10 pound weight ball and tricep presses 15 presses (carpal tunnel makes dips extremely painful)

  11. Stephanie james says:

    9 rounds
    Sub BPU for pull ups
    Wall assisted SLS

  12. 10 rounds plus 5 p.ups
    All pull ups assisted but getting stronger!!

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