Monday 05.07.18

For time, fast and heavy:
21 dumbbell thrusters
Run 400 meters
18 dumbbell thrusters
Run 400 meters
15 dumbbell thrusters
Run 400 meters

Compare to 02.17.17

Post time and load to comments.



  1. 16:10
    Started with 30#, dropped to 20#
    Mostly walking, though always started running

  2. 10:15- first time joining you guys! I’m excited to start doing these WODs with you.

    1. I should probably add that I haven’t mapped out 400 meters yet, so I just ran 2 laps around my backyard, which now I’m sure is short. I’ll have to get it mapped for next time. My watch was dead. ??

  3. 011:26
    45# thrusters
    Then a 30 minute tabata workout

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