Tuesday 05.01.18



4 rounds for time of:
28 Box jumps, 18″ box
20 Burpees
11 Squat cleans, 30-45 lbs

Compare to 05.01.17

Happy Birthday to my sweet daughter
who turns 10 today!


  1. 15:31
    Happy Birthday, Dylan!

  2. 11:53 with step ups and jump squats, and squats with no cleans. Still trying not to use my elbows too much right now. 30lbs for squats.

  3. 28:31
    45# squat cleans
    12″ box jumps

  4. Lynzi Humphreys says:

    21″ box jumps
    45# squat cleans
    Had to split up my WOD due to sick baby. 2 rounds in the morning 2 rounds in the evening. My time would probably be slower had I done all 4 rounds at once. Great WOD!

  5. 22:10
    65lbs squat cleans

  6. 18:15
    step ups on kitchen chair
    Out out and in for Burpee‘s
    20 lbs for cleans

    I’m back at it. CrosxFitt from home is my favorite way to workout.
    Good job everyone!!

  7. 29:17, 20# squat cleans

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