Wednesday 01.10.18


7 rounds for time of:
10 handstand push-ups, scale as needed
20 butterfly sit-ups
1 minute plank

Compare to 01.10.17

Post time to comments.



  1. Ran 2 mi
    Only time for 4 rounds, 9:52

  2. Feeling super wimpy today….,the no caffeine has hit extra hard this morning….So I ran 1 mile then did 7 rounds but my planks were only 30 sec. took me 17 minutes.

  3. 19:06
    After the first round I skipped the planks, partially because of time but mainly because I was getting really lightheaded.

  4. Lynzi Humphreys says:

    26:15. I attempted HSPU with two 15# weights stacked and a pillow, and was able to do 7. The rest of the time I put my knees up on my bench that is 21″. The first two rounds of planks I completed the full min. The rest I ended up taking a 5-10 sec rest during the minute. Great workout!

  5. 33:25 did 5 HSPU scaled with elevation under my head and 5 off a bunch. Love being able to work on this movement!

  6. 18:06
    Can’t do HSPU, so I put my feet on a 24 in. box

  7. 19:30
    Push-ups on knees.
    The rest as rx’d.
    Planks get challenging real fast. ?

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