1. Yay!! Excited for 90 day challenge!!
    5k in 26:04

  2. 5k on treadmill. 46:40

  3. 36:50
    I did not want to run today! But I’m so excited to do a challenge, get back into the WODs, and kick my butt into better shape! Thanks for doing another challenge!

  4. 39:58 Ready to get this year started 🙂

  5. Feel challenged and not sure if I can make it , never done anything like that.

  6. 26:10
    That was challenging! Feeling exhausted but accomplished.

  7. Lynzi Humphreys says:

    5k-23:57. I’m so excited to finally jump into a 90 day challenge! Good luck everyone!

  8. 26:35 on a treadmill at 2.5 incline. Ready for this challenge. Thanks for doing this!

  9. I’m excited for this challenge! Ready to get back to pre-baby shape!!!

  10. 30 minutes
    It was tough!!

  11. Jennifer P says:

    44:44 and it was on an elliptical since I need to take it easy on my knees. Still super excited that I even completed it since I’ve been out of it for years!

  12. 25:56
    Def not my best 5k time but I kind of took December off….so that’s what I get!

    Then I really did myself in when my family went for a 6 mile hike (3 miles uphill) in the afternoon!

  13. 46:06
    Had to walk/run and it was tough!
    A little late starting the challenge, but I’ll catch up. ?

  14. Starting this 90 challenge today. I had a shoulder injury over two years ago and haven’t been in a good Ruth’s of exercise since. I’m excited for this challenge even though i’m Starting in June on my own.
    5k time: 40:14 run/walk

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