1. 29:06
    Actual distance 3.17
    Had to do in two segments, ran out of time this morning.
    Outside runs, first run 1.61 in 15:03, second afternoon outside run 1.56 in 14:03

  2. Nissa Van Riper says:

    3.58. It was so nice outside on Wednesday that I ran just for me. Untimed. Aimed for 2mi but just kept going. Crossfit has made my runs so strong and steady. (Not faster, just better. I never feel the hills. I don’t get physically tired.) I wasn’t wearing my watch but I was in the 30-35 min range. My usual pace. Dolly biked alongside.

  3. Ronna James says:

    24:12 followed by a mile cool down.

    Not my fastest run, but happy with this time. Windy morning plus added hills made for a challenging run.

  4. 30 min for 3 miles, then followed with additional 2 miles. Been a runner for a long time so felt needed to do more.

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