Monday 07.03.17


4 rounds for time of:
Run 400 meters
24 Front squat, 40-60 lbs
24 Cleans, 20 lbs

Compare to 07.01.16

Happy Birthday to my forever baby,
He was 7 on Saturday!


  1. My timer reset when I opened my phone. Looked at my watch during my second run and time to end was 16 min. I’m going to say total time somewhere around 20 min.

    Outside workout (brutal in the heat)
    60# squats
    30# cleans
    Not fun after a week of vacay and no working out!

  2. Happy birthday to your forever baby! 🙂

  3. 14:03
    20 lb. front squats
    20 lb. cleans for first round… wasn’t feeling it, so I
    Switched it up for the last 3 rounds and did 20 lb. shoulder presses.

    1. Outside in the Texas heat and humidity
      (102 degrees)
      Sweating like crazy!

  4. 25:26, almost the same time as two years ago when I was in better shape, so that’s nice! Had to drop the front squats weight – was 45# for two sets, then 30# for the last two. Rest as rex’s.

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