Friday 07.01.16


4 rounds for time of:
Run 400 meters
24 Front squat, 40-60 lbs
24 Cleans, 20 lbs

Compare to 07.01.15

Happy Birthday to my baby, Tyce!
He is 6 today!


  1. I just want to say thank you for posting these workouts. I found your site four years ago when I first began loosing weight. I followed you diligently for a year and lost 30 lbs. I recently had my fifth baby and have been trying to get back into the swing of working out. I love these workouts and am so grateful you continue to post them! I did today's at 30:17 with several modifications, but I'm proud I didn't give up.

  2. Thanks Whitney! Your story is inspiring! Women like you are the reason I keep it up!

  3. 19:53
    Seriously wanted to quit after 2 rounds
    Had to walk the last 100 meters of the last round… and I never walk! Rubber legs!
    20 lbs. all

  4. 17:55
    Treadmill at 8.0
    30# all

    #totally winded

    Vs 19:10 on 7/1/15
    Treadmill at 7.5

    Vs 17:10 on 7/1/14
    Treadmill ??
    20# all

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