Wednesday 03.01.17

Complete as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of:
10 handstand push-ups to 6-in. deficit, scale as needed
200 meter run
30 single-legged squats, alternating

Post rounds completed to comments.

Compare to 11.10.16


  1. 4 rounds in 12:23
    HSPU on bar stool using push bars to create deficit
    OLS to 18″ box

    Vs 4 rounds in 12:07
    (No pu bars)

    Followed w/
    4 rounds
    25 one legged DL 20# (alternate)
    25 tricep extensions
    25 inclined sit up 16#
    25 lunges with DB curl 16#

  2. 4 rounds plus HSPU and 9 burpees finished 10 after timer.

    Subbed 10 burpees each round since today is a run day.

  3. Rebecca Stevens says:

    3 rounds plus push ups with feet on box and run. Tied last time.

  4. Nissa Van Riper says:

    3 rounds + 3 push ups.
    Finished push ups and did another 200m after timer.

    Knees on deck for push ups.
    Tried one pistol and got down but couldn’t get back up. So I bent my leg under me and did them that way, getting about halfway down each rep, but always trying to get as low as I could.

  5. Stephanie James says:

    Second WOD

    4 rounds
    Cant run so just did HSPU and SLS focused on deeper squats
    4inch HSPU

  6. 2 rounds + 10 HSPU + 200m run
    Pike HSPU w/ full 6″ deficit
    Treadmill at 8.5
    Pistols w/ purple band assist, also standing on a box

    Finished 3rd after timer

    Same as last time but
    HSPU were knees on bench
    Pistols – on a box, no band but pushed up on a handle from bottom

  7. Hey HIIT Mamas! I haven’t been on in a LONG time. Love the new site!

    3 rounds
    Used box for HSPUs and support for pistol squats
    Finished last 15 squats as two-legged air squats since my left knee wasn’t happy!

  8. 2 rounds plus push-ups. First time working out in a gym so it was time consuming navigating my station and hopping on and off the treadmill.

    Bench HSPU

  9. Went to 10:30
    3 rounds

  10. 3 rounds with pike push up, treadmill set on incline of 10 and speed of 6, squats with TRX assist.

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