Thursday 11.10.16

Complete as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of:
10 handstand push-ups to 6-in. deficit, scale as needed
200 meter run
30 single-legged squats, alternating
Post rounds completed to comments.



  1. 4 rounds in 12:07
    Followed w/
    75 dips
    75 weighted inclined sit ups
    75 db curls

  2. 3 rounds plus push ups with feet on box and run

  3. 2 rounds + 10 HSPU + 200m run
    Full 6" deficit, knees on bench
    Treadmill at 8.5
    Real pistols!!

    **Okay, mostly real! I stood on the bench so my straight leg could hang lower. Lower all the way down on my own power but did give myself a push at the bottom to get back up!

    Finished the 3rd round in 12:27

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