Tuesday 02.14.17

Love It

5 rounds for time of:
Run 400 meters
21 Deadlifts, 40-60 lbs

Compare to 02.13.15

Post time to comments.
Happy Valentine’s Day Mamas!


  1. 17:50
    One legged DL 20# (11 each leg)

    Since I did 81 DL yesterday, I switched it up for something different. Definitely a challenge to keep core engaged & balance.

  2. 27:15
    20 lb deadlifts first 3 rounds.
    15 lb deadlifts last 2 rounds.
    Nerve in my left side was burning. Stop in between sets to stretch. I am proud of myself because I actually ran all of it straight through each round 🙂

  3. Instead of deadlifts again did:

    1500 SJR for time.
    Start click and at the top of every minute do 3 back squats.

    75# squats, butt to ground (total = 69)

    1. I saw that one….afraid my calves would be sore for days! Let me know how you feel ?

    2. Not as bad as I expected! I think the squats every minute stretched the calves the other way.

  4. 20:04
    Treadmill, 40#
    Probably too fast out of the gate because I couldn't maintain and had to rest. I wish I'd timed my splits.

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