Wednesday 02.08.17


Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
15 pull-ups (assist as needed)
5 burpees
200-meter run

Compare to 02.05.17

Post rounds completed to comments.


  1. 8 rounds in 20:20
    Alt b/t PU (purple band) & HSPU ea rd

    Vs 7 rounds (alt b/t pu & HSPU)

    So sore already this week!!

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one sore! My hamstrings were screaming at me the entire workout!

  2. 8 rounds + 1 PU
    10 band pull ups (red+purple) + 5 straight leg dips per round (6 rounds pull ups from standing, last few added small jump)
    Treadmill at 8.0

    Vs 9 rounds in 20:27
    10 self assisted PU + 5 straight leg dips per round

    Yep. Definitely sore.

  3. 6 rounds w 23 sec to spare.
    Felt like barfing the whole time. Ugh. That's the last time I wait until after lunch to pt.

    1. No pull up bar here. I got creative and used the soccer goal frame but of course the effort was half legs at that point.

  4. 9 rounds plus pull ups and burpees, with 18 seconds to spare.
    Reverse pull ups
    Subbed 1 min high knees and running around the house for runs

    My hamstrings are sooo sore this week. Those burpees weren't easy as sore as I am!

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