Tuesday 02.07.17

3 rounds for time of:
30 squat cleans, 30-45 lbs 
30 butterfly sit-ups
Run 800 meters
Post time to comments.


  1. I only had time to complete two rounds and 24 minutes and 18 seconds.
    First round was 15 pound dumbbells. Second round was 10 pound dumbbells. And it was a jog and walk fast.

  2. 27:38
    60# SC (several breaks!)
    Inclined sit ups w/ 16#

    1. ? This WOD would've killed me had we had the 30 pull ups as rx'd! My heart rate was through the roof!

  3. 24:49
    40 lbs round 1 then 20 lbs
    Min or 2 break between rounds. Struggled through this one

  4. 26:33
    35# SC, butt to ground
    BFSU arms crossed
    Treadmill 7.5/7.5/7.3

    That last week mentally and emotionally tough. I did NOT want to work out today. I did NOT enjoy this WOD. But I affirmed that I've never regretted a workout. And that we're tougher than we think.

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