Tuesday 01.30.17

5 rounds for time of:
Run 1,000 meters
100-m walking lunge
40-m waiters walk, 20-25 lbs, right arm
40-m waiters walk, 20-25 lbs, left arm
Post time to comments.


  1. Will save for a day w/ more time
    Did 5 rounds 40 sec on 20 sec rest
    Plank jumps w/ pu
    Banded squat jump
    8 mt Climbers on sliders then 4 pikes
    Banded glute raise left leg
    Banded glute raise rt leg

    No rest between rounds. Legs are burning!

  2. 41:06
    No lunges because I subbed in lunges yesterday and I am skiing today.
    Pulled calf feels mostly better and I hope it was not a bad decision to run on it today.
    Rounds 1&2 at incline 1 but it was hurting my knee, which was odd.

  3. 45:55

    Did a version closer to what Crossfit had:
    5 RFT
    Run 1000m (treadmill at 7.2)
    200m farmers carry (2 x 25# plates)
    50m waiters walk, R arm (25#)
    50m waiters walk, L arm (25#)

    1st round was actually 15# on waiters walks because I'm a doofus and built my dumbbell wrong. That was a good one!!

  4. 52:58
    Outside runs, mostly uphill with wind in my face
    20# waiters

    I wanted to quit on the third round but willed myself to finish it. My running times aren't pretty!!

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