Thursday 10.13.16


3 rounds for time of:
Run 500 meters
30 Thrusters, 20lbs
15 Push-ups

Compare to 

Happy Birthday Britta!
My favorite and only sister!  

 It’s my sister’s birthday today! She was my very first follower and still keeps me on my toes by beating me every single time. She is lightening fast and forever young and an amazing example to her 3 kids. Happy Birthday Britta! I lobe you!


  1. 15:12
    Subbed 20# KB swings for thrusters- legs need some sort of break!
    Boy push ups w/ 8# dumbbell rows

    Happy Birthday Britta! You are lightening fast! ⚡️

  2. 11:27
    20 lb. thrusters
    Girl push-ups
    (First time running since taking a 2-week break to heal Achilles tendinitis)

  3. Happy birthday Britta!

    20:20, a little slower because my kids were running with me, needing help, etc

  4. My shoulders and triceps are super sore. Instead did:

    AMRAP in 20 mins of
    10 body surfers
    20 front squats, 40#
    120 SJR

    7 rounds + 10 BS + 10 FS

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