1. Did WOD from 9/18/15

    5 rounds
    20 overhead lunges
    21 burpees

    25# plate overhead
    Full burpees

    41 sec faster- my best time ever! this one gets me every time….dripping & shaking- love it!

    1. I liked your WOD so I did that, probably do today's later this week. Burpees had me dying!

      5 RDS in 15:21
      20 OH Lunge @25#
      21 Burpees

  2. 5:07

    95 lb DLs
    Subbed 20 lb donkey kicks for pull-ups- still on shoulder restriction.
    Added 30 hip raises after the timer.

    1. Ha ha! I hold two 10 lb dumbbells in the crease of my knee. It can get tricky but it works.

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