1. 9:26
    50# BP
    Boy pu on bars
    Inclined sit ups w/ weights

    Followed w/ 3 rounds
    Ft/lateral raise
    Side lateral raise
    Overhead press
    "Chicken Wings"
    10# total

    100 squats

    Great week!!

  2. 8:37
    15# bar (need to get heavier weights)
    Push ups (neck injury): 10, 8, 9 push ups followed by 30 sec plank
    Butterfly crunches (Diastisis r): Reverse crunches
    Added 21 squats with 15# bar

  3. 9:24-a few after I lectured my hubby about sneaking up on a girl struggling through push-ups!
    40#, GPU
    Arms are not my thing-so sore from the week-almost fell on my face!

  4. 6:43
    35# bench press
    5 BPU each round, rest GPU

    30# bench
    All GPU

  5. 9:06 with some mods due to injury

    Dench dips with 25#
    Butterfly situps

    1/2 mile before and after

  6. 6:03 subbed squats for bench (no bench),girl push ups, modified abs to protect my split ones.

  7. 4 mile run then

    4:45 had to sub bench press for bench dips so I was away and the hotel gym did not have the proper equipment

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