Monday 08.29.16

10 rounds for time of:
15 power cleans, 20-45 lbs
10 walking lunges

Post time to comments.


  1. Try this again. LOL.
    First time back in almost 4 years! I didn't think it'd been that long but it has.
    Out is shape but looking forward to getting back to being stronger than I was before.
    15# PC
    Gonna be sore in the morning. Thanks Jenni. Glad you're still here!

  2. Had the time so did a hero WOD today.

    Run 1 mile, 8# weight on shoulder (treadmill 6.8)
    Then 8 rds of
    10 thrusters, 25#
    3 straight leg dips
    Run 800m, 8# weight on shoulder (7.2)
    Then 4 rds of
    10 thrusters, 25#
    3 straight leg dips
    Run 400m, 8# weight on shoulder (7.5)
    Then 2 rds of
    10 thrusters, 25#
    3 dips

    28:51. That was BRUTAL!!

    1. I was planning on that one today too- but then decided I'll do it on Labor Day when I'm off and don't feel rushed. 5:30 is hard some mornings!!

      Great job!

    2. Ha! We are doing this tomorrow. A slightly different version. 😉

    3. Thanks! It was really tricky to figure out how to carry extra weight – I don't have a medicine ball. Good luck!!

  3. 14:13
    20 lbs. PC AND lunges. Just kept the weights in my hands the whole time.
    So much harder than I thought it would be!
    Took water breaks after every 2 rounds just to catch my breath and maintain form.

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