1. Will do this one over the weekend…wanted an arm day:
    5 rounds
    20 bench dips (straight legs)
    10 push press (40#)
    20 dumbbell curls (16#)
    10 HSPU (21" barstool)
    50 mt climbers

    1. 12:01
      Treadmill- set to 7.2 (challenge for me!)
      Step ups on weight bench
      (Completed at gym)

  2. 11:03 not sure of height for box jumps. Did this outside and jump onto one of the levels of the deck. I think about 9 inches. Then 30 min bike ride

  3. 10:53 as rx'd
    Treadmill at 8.0

    Exactly the same as last year even though the treadmill was slower (7.5). Oh well. Now going to make up yesterday's WOD.

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