Tuesday 07.26.16

7-km trail run 

Find a route that follows the steepest trails in your area. 

Post time to comments.


  1. Yesterday I ran a lot of hill, so I kept it easier today.
    I ran a 10k in 57:21
    It was a hot 91 degrees at 6:00 this morning. I am ready for the heat to go away.

  2. I am going to try this once kids are back in school.

    10 RFT:
    Sprint 100m
    10 squats (butt to floor)
    Sprint 100m
    10 burpees
    Rest 30 seconds

    Left treadmill running at 10.0

    Vs 24:55 7/16/15
    Vs 26:19 7/16/14

  3. 4.6 miles around Pinecrest Lake. Very difficult trail running. 55:05 minutes.

  4. 5 miles at 42:31
    So hot and muggy here in Florida, had to walk a couple of times. Great trail right off the beach though! Tons of bikers and runners and walkers!

  5. 3.8 miles in 43 minutes. Took the upper looper around Pineridge Open Space.

    First half of run was great – second half I was battling a side cramp the whole time.

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