Wednesday 04.13.16

3 rounds for time of:
20 bench dips
20 pull-ups, assist as needed
10 sumo deadlift high pull, 20-25 lbs

Post time to comments.


  1. 8:58
    Straight leg dips
    Total of 17 unassisted pull ups
    40# SDHP

  2. 4:55
    Jump pull-ups for first and last rounds. Chair-assisted for middle round.
    20lb. SDLHP

  3. Untimed. First pull ups in many years. Even with the black band and red band to assist I only did 3 and the rest were at 1/2 or less to the bar.

  4. My triceps are not functioning today so instead I did:

    AMRAP in 15 mins
    25m bear crawl
    20 body surfers
    15 hip raises w/ 25#

    8 rounds plus 20m bear crawl

    1. Did 4/18 wod first then:

      Straight leg dips
      Self assisted pull ups
      30# DL

      Grip was totally giving out

  5. 6:31 after running 1.25 miles.
    Rounds 2 and 3 subbed push press for pull ups because the bar was being used in the gym.
    20# for sdhp and pp

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