Friday 12.04.15

3 rounds for time of:
1,000-meter run
42 kettlebell swings, 20-25 lbs
24 push-ups

Post time to comments.


  1. 29:34
    For some reason I set the treadmill at 7.8 for the first run. I'm not a 7.8 sustained runner! That took it out of me.

  2. 25:47
    Dreadmill (7.5, 7.5, 7.2)
    20# swings
    Push ups on knees to floor

    Shin splints round 3. Legs are totally dead this week. TGIF!!

  3. Completed it but don't have a time. Outside workout. Used 30 lbs for KB
    Boy push-ups
    Started timer and all was well until kids came rushing outside to tell me our elf was back!! It was worth stopping, taking pictures then continuing. Fun!!!!

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