1. Needed something quick today. Did four rounds of 10 deadlifts, 25 box jumps (had to do step up/downs since step I use for box is underwater).
    80 lb. deadlifts

  2. Ran 5 miles

    5k time 24:58
    Not my fastest time. It was already close to 90° at 5 this morning, so I am happy with this time.

    1. Ronna – that is really horrid. It's still 60 at 5am here in Colorado. Good job running in that!

  3. 28:04
    Not my best time, but 92 degrees and 90%humidity made it feel like running in a steam room.

  4. 29:25, slower than last time, but I ran outside in the middle of the afternoon on a blazing hot and humid day with my daughters. 🙂 at least I got it done!

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