Wednesday 04.22.15

5 rounds for time of:
10 squat cleans, 20-30 lbs
1 minute plank
10 squat cleans, 20-30 lbs
1 minute hang from pull-up bar

Post time to comments.

no caffeine
no soda


  1. 20:25

    used 8 lb dumbbells
    I was surprised how HARD the hang was. Holy cow I am out of shape-ha!

  2. 16:11- 4 rounds
    Way harder than I thought too. Fighting chest cold and coughing got to me.

  3. I added a one minute sprint to each round so my total time was 23:23…… Arm hang was hard

  4. Only had time for 2 rounds just tired and moving too slow! A crappy workout is better than no work out right?
    + 30 burpees

  5. 18:43
    No bar so did plank both times. My abs are dead.

  6. 14:51
    20 lbs.
    First round I did the hang from pull-up bar, but it felt pointless and hurt my hands, so I did the other four rounds with oblique planks alternating sides.
    Tummy feels tight today!!!

  7. Ran 30 min. Speed work(5 min. warm up, 10 rounds of 1 min. sprint, 1 min. jog, 5 min. cool down)
    10 mins. of stadiums


    Overall a brutal morning.

  8. For the hang is it a hang in pull-up position or just a straight arm hang below the bar?

  9. Holy heck that was hard.

    30# cleans – squats below parallel
    Rd 1 I tried chin over the bar hold – only made it 20 seconds. Rest of rds did dead hang but cheated a ton – my hands were killing me.
    Rd 1 & 2 did plank on toes. Rd 3-5 did 30 secs toes/30 secs knees.

  10. 15:39 – 3 rounds
    45 lbs squat cleans
    Held on the bar every time as long as I could. Dropped and then started again until the timer beeped.

  11. Oh good read comments afterward, ditto to it all lol! Way harder than I thought it would be. Plank stayed out with arms extended, then went to bent elbows, some rounds did both because arms were killing me.
    Straight arm hang on bar as much as possible, hands hurt. One round I cheated and put my foot in the band to help with weight, all other rounds I dropped and repositioned hands to stop it from hurting! I kept telling myself that pain was good,i am getting stronger!

    30# squat as deep as I could

  12. 16:05
    First 2 rounds as RXed.
    Round 3: readjusted hands half way through 1 minute hang.
    Rounds 4 & 5: 30 second hang.

  13. About 15 minutes, only I totally cut the planks and hangs to only 30 seconds each after the first round. I could feel my back tightening up in blanks right about 25 seconds in, and that's no good. And I kind of hurt my wrist in the hangs even in the shortened time frame…

  14. Holy cow that was so much harder that it looked! 20:58, 20# squat cleans. For the hang I had to stand to readjust my hands a couple times each minute.

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