Monday 04.13.15

For time:
20 burpees
20 hang squat snatches, 20-30 lbs
20 pull-ups (assist as needed)
20 hang squat snatches, 20-30 lbs
20 burpees

Post time to comments.

 Correct Burpee Form Demo:

Hang Squat Snatch Demo:

no caffeine


  1. 7:29 as rx'd
    14 unassisted pull ups / 6 with a jump

  2. 8:42
    20 lb squat thrusters
    Subbed push ups for pull ups. Kids messed with my equipment and I can't find my jumping stool.

  3. 10:59
    20# worker on form
    Sub push up for pull ups
    Accidently did last 20 burpees before last 20 hang clean

  4. 8:53 with mods
    Burpee to plank
    10# snatches
    Sub gpu for pullups
    Had a baby in January. In the past have unofficially fiollowed workouts. This time I officially joined the challenge! Excited to work and hopefully see some results!

  5. If we are doing the snatches with dumbbells, is it 20-30# total? Or for each weight/hand?

  6. Lora 5:20, ivonne 6:30. Assisted pull ups and deadlifts in place of snatches

  7. 8:44
    I had to modify with my dumbbells and do hang squat thrusters because my fused spine wouldn't allow me to keep my arms extended over my head.

  8. 9:11
    45 lb bar for hang squat snatch but my squat wasn't as low as I wanted.
    Great demos!

  9. 8:23
    Last 20 snatchs lost my# so added 5more snatches after I finished.
    20# snatches but squats were really shallow

  10. 8:04, so many mods! Coming back after having a baby. I am so out of shape I don't want to exercise!

  11. 4 mile bike ride

    7:38. 20# squats were down to parallel; jumping pull ups
    HR was 166 after that one. Whew!!

  12. 9:11 20# hang squats, 5 pull ups then jumping pull-ups

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