Friday 02.06.15

For time:
50 Bench dips
50 Squat cleans, 20-40 lbs
50 Bench dips

Compare to 02.06.14

Post time to comments.

no caffeine
no soda
fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm

What impact does alcohol have on your fitness regime?

“Unfortunately, toasting your WOD with post-exercise drinks at
home or down the pub can undo all the good work you’ve just put in.
There’s 180 calories in the average pint of lager and 159 calories in a
175ML glass of 13% ABV white wine, so you could end up topping up the
weight you thought you’d lost through your fitness regime in no time at
all. For instance, if you’ve just run for half an hour it will only take
two pints to put back on the calories you’ve just burned off through exercise.
The way alcohol is absorbed by the body can also reduce the amount of
fat you’re able to burn by exercising. Because your body isn’t designed
to store alcohol, it tries to expel it as quickly as possible. This
gets in the way of other processes, including absorbing nutrients and
burning fat. So as well as slowing down the burning of calories, alcohol
gets in the way of the nutritional benefits of the healthy meals you

Running on empty

Fitness experts agree that to get the most from cardiovascular
exercise such as running or swimming, you have to put in the physical
effort. But while your hangover
may make a less hectic workout feel welcome, it’s harder to build up
the head of steam you need to stay in shape when you have a headache,
and nausea is beginning to kick in. The night before’s alcohol leaves
your body dehydrated, even before your session starts.

Body benefits

If you feel like the balance between alcohol and exercise is veering
too much towards the former, then it’s a good idea to consider cutting down.
Re-assessing your relationship with alcohol doesn’t just do wonders
for the effectiveness of your workout, it can also boost your general
health too. In fact, if you’re looking to reduce your stress levels, lose weight and look your best, then reducing your intake will help.
Best of all, cutting down delivers more than just short-term results.
Drinking within the guidelines means you’re actively protecting your
general health and reducing your risk of developing heart disease, having cancer and getting problems with your liver in the future as well.”



  1. 9:28
    1/2 straight leg 1/2 bent legs on dips
    40 sec slower…but 10# heavier!
    Followed with
    20 burpees
    1 min plank
    10 pull ups

    I'm looking forward to a rest day tomorrow!

  2. 8:42
    Accidentally started with squat cleans so I only did 50 dips. Most of my cleans were butt to floor

  3. 1 hour of cardio hip hop then:
    1/2 straight leg dips, 1/2 bent leg
    20# cleans

    Vs 5:50 all bent leg dips.

    Tough leg week. Wow.

  4. 7:04. Oh…But subbed power cleans for squat cleans by accident. 20#

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