Wednesday 12.10.14

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
10 butterfly sit-ups
20 front squats, 40-60 lbs
30 double-unders (120 singles)

Post rounds completed to comments.

no caffeine
 no soda
fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol
reduce sugar intake 
 drink water every day
no fried food
8 hours of sleep


  1. 7 full rounds w/ 8 sec left on timer
    Arms crossed
    Single jr

  2. 5 rounds
    I did 60# back squats.
    Double unders on 3 rounds and then my rope broke…..grrrrr. So I did 2 round SJR with my dumb klunky rope.

  3. 6 rounds
    Finished last 60 single jump ropes after the timer

  4. 7 rds plus sit-ups and 14 squats on 8th rd.
    Just did reg squats. Misread instructions. Oops!

  5. 6 rounds plus sit-ups and squats on round 7
    20 pound squats – had to take my time since I'm so sore from Monday!
    Single jumps

  6. Ran 3 mile tempo run then

    8 rounds
    + 30 sit ups (until timer went off)


  7. Completed after 12/9 wod. 6 rounds. 123# squats, single jump rope. Then partial leg and ab routine.

  8. 6 rounds
    5 rounds using 16 lb for squats
    1 round 8 lb??
    I do not have heavier dumbells ??
    I will ask santa for some?
    Today I had to let my baby of 7 weeks cried the last 7 min?

  9. 8 rounds plus sit ups, squats, and 40 SJR. Only did 20# squats because I am also extremely sore from Monday.

  10. 5 full rounds
    6th round of sit ups and squats

  11. 7 rounds just a few sec after the 20.
    30# fs
    Lots of breaks and lighter squats due to hurting back earlier this week. Took off most of this week due to back bit really missed it so went lighter and rests

  12. 4 rounds in 10 minutes, then I had to go to bed. 30# fs. sjr

  13. Pat 5 full rds then thru FS on 6th #95, and holding #25 plate on SU and SJR

    Maria 5 full rds thru 2 FS on 6th #70 and held #25KB on SU and SJR

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