Monday 12.08.14

For time:
75 kettlebell swings, 20-25 lbs
Run 1 mile
75 kettlebell swings, 20-25 lbs

Post time to comments.

no caffeine
 no soda
fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol
reduce sugar intake 
 drink water every day
no fried food
8 hours of sleep


  1. 15:40

    Time includes dealing with my winter gear on and off. Also nearly dying of fright when a neighbor's wolf/dog came barreling out at me from a dark corner.

  2. 4 weeks pp
    75 kb with 20 lbs
    Treadmill and finished 1400 meters of running before baby saved me from finishing 😉

  3. I changed things up a little:
    75 kb swings(20#)

    4 mile run

    75 kb swings(20#)


  4. Denise congratulations on your baby!!

    Stephanie, you poor thing with that dog!

    Coming back after moving from the east coast to the south. I have missed this!

    Did one round of kettle bell then went for run and got back to realize my timer stopped partway through. So maybe 12 min?

  5. 17:35
    Roughly 50 kb swings per set were overhead. The rest were chest/face height.

  6. 13:34 26.4 lb kb, then partial leg and ab routine, then RPM. Teaching body step tonight.

  7. 19:07
    20# KBS. Run was around 1.25 to make it back to the house

  8. 17:15
    8:05 for the mile
    3 days until Mexico…..

  9. 16:20. My only Kettle bell is #15lbs so I did 100 swings each time instead of 75. 8:19 for the mile.

  10. 17:51….did this at the gym and took a bit to get the treadmill going!

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