Thursday 12.04.14


Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
20 front squats, 30-40 lbs
20 squat cleans, 20-30 lbs
400-meter run

Post rounds completed to comments.

*In honor of 25 year old U.S. Army Capt. Jennifer M. Moreno, of San Diego, California, who died Oct.
6, 2013, in Zhari District, Afghanistan, when enemy forces attacked her
unit with an improvised explosive device.

no caffeine
 no soda
fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol
reduce sugar intake 
 drink water every day
no fried food


  1. 3 rounds + both squats & 200m on 4th
    Finished 4th round @ 21:21

    30# FS
    30# SC on 2 rounds then dropped to 20# on last 2

  2. Right behind you, Julie.
    4 RNDS in 22:00

    35% sandbag squats
    20# squat cleans

  3. Finished 5th round after timer. 95# back squats 45# cleans. Then taught body pump.

  4. 4 rounds plus 20 squats. 30# squats and 20# squat cleans.

    Also did this in honor of my father in law (late 50s) who will be finding out tomorrow what kind and how bad his cancer is.

  5. That looked way easier than it was. So sore today, especially my lower body but did the WOD anyway.
    4 rounds in 22 minutes
    Only 20 lbs all
    Butt to floor on all.

  6. Sorry to hear that news Andrews family… 🙁 will be praying.

    200 meters short of 5 rounds. But I did have to stop after round two to help my kids so I got a breather that helped me for the other three rounds.

    Also ran another 1.25 miles for a total of 2.5

    45 lb squats & cleans below 90 all.

  7. Finished round 3 with 12 seconds left on the clock.

    30# squats
    30# cleans

  8. 3 rounds plus 10 squats. 30# fs, 20# sc. I'm a horribly slow runner, but it was great.

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