Wednesday 11.19.14

4 rounds for time of:
100-foot walking lunge, carrying 30-lbs
box jumps, 18-inch box

20 pull-ups (assist as needed)

Post time to comments.

no caffeine
 no soda
fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol
reduce sugar intake


  1. I'm embarrassed to post this after Britta's time, but here it is. 15:06 for only 2 rounds. That's all I had time for today and it just about killed me! Great WOD!

  2. Ha! This one looked intense so I chickened out and did a Mayhem rowing WOD. I will hit this Friday or Saturday!

  3. 20:05
    Running on four hours of sleep and a bladder infection, so I'll take it.
    25# lunges (all I have)
    10 step up/down per round. Legs felt super wobbly after lunges and didn't feel safe enough to go right into box jumps.

    1. I should clarify, 10 step up/down and 20 box jumps per round.

  4. 14:42. 40 lunges each round w/ 30#. 14" step ups. GPU for pull ups.

    Still pretty sick but needed to do something this week.

  5. 19:37I got confused on where I was @so I either did it @that time or did an extra pull up @21:50.

    Step ups 18" instead of box. My boys chewed me out for modifying instead of doing the real thing lol but my legs were shaking!

    Asst band pull ups

  6. 20:40
    18" step ups
    Had to break to let dog out & in- also had to catch my breath a few times!!

  7. 16:49

    Jump assisted PU

    Still recovering from strep but feeling a bit stronger. I had to convince myself to keep going halfway through.

  8. 24:17

    40# WL
    24" box jumps did some step ups when legs were shaky.
    Half unassisted pull ups / half assisted with band.

    Then ran 3 miles in 22:42

  9. Completed on 11/22. 31:49. Accidentally did 200 feet walking lunges. 40#, 30 in box step up, 90# assistance on pull ups.

  10. um….I did this, but my time is so utterly pathetic I can't post it. Did as rx, pull ups with band

  11. 35# WL
    Assisted pull up with band

    Sally 21:20
    Mandy 21:33

  12. Pat 22:50, #25DB'S, 18IN BJ

    Maria 24:38 #20DB's, 18in BJ, band assisted pull ups 2rds last round hubby helped

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