Wednesday 10.22.14

First let me apologize to all my loyal Mamas, especially the ones who were worried about me yesterday. I was fine….. just an extremely overwhelmed Mom who forgot to post the WOD. I have forgotten before, but I have a loyal sister in a time zone ahead of me that usually gives me a 6:00am heads up and I post late. She must have been busy yesterday too because for the first time in over 3 years, there was no WOD the entire day. It was a very crazy day (kid#2-field trip, kid#4-throwing up, kid#1-activity, kid#3-missed dentist appointment, car repair, passport photos and forms, kid#4-throwing up, kid#2-scouts, kid#1-piano, kitchen tile estimate, kid#4-throwing up, presidency meeting, hubby-activity, babysitting for best friends birthday). I didn’t realize until one of my friends mentioned it on Instagram late in the afternoon!! So, once again, I am so sorry. I have posted the WOD retroactive and will be making it up on Saturday myself. Love to all of you!

Complete as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of:
10 butterfly sit-ups
15 push-ups
10 butterfly sit-ups
30 squats

Post rounds completed to comments.

no caffeine
 no soda


  1. Jenni! I'm am amazed at how you balance it all! Thanks for keeping this going and hope things are a bit more calm today- lol!

    I actually did this WOD yesterday-
    4 rounds + su/pu/su on 5th

  2. Oh man, what a day! Hope the one throwing up is feeling better and today is a little less running for you.

    3 complete rounds, plus everything but the last few squats of the fourth round, done with two of my children

  3. 4 rounds with 15 sit-ups ea time, plus 15 sit-ups and 15 push-ups of 5th round. Completed after doing yesterday's workout.

  4. 4 Rounds & 1 round through 1 pushup

    I think it's completely amazing that this is only the first time you've missed a WOD. We've all had days like that, so give yourself a lot of grace :). We are thankful for you.

  5. 4 rounds plus everything but the squats on the 5th round.
    Boy push-ups on first round early. Still can't breath very well…

  6. 3 rounds
    Sub plank twist for bfsu
    Now off to walk for an hour
    28 weeks

  7. Thanks, Jenni! We're just glad you're okay. 🙂 Glad you survived your crazy day too.

    Did this one yesterday. 4 rounds plus 10 sit ups and 11 push ups. GPU to the floor.

  8. 5 rounds
    Med ball twists vs BFsU
    Push ups in bench
    39 weeks pregnant
    Baby come tomorrow… C section
    I'll join back when I can! Keep working hard mamas!!!!!:-)

  9. Ran 5.2 miles

    4 rounds plus 10 bfsu

    Also did the wod that for Tuesday.

    Thanks Jenni for taking the time to post these workouts. I have 4 kids and know how hectic days can be.

  10. 6 rounds in 10:15
    All boy PU

    Then Tuesdays WOD.

    6 rounds + JR + 10 KB

    Thanks Jenni for all your dedication in maintaining this blog. You inspire woman to be their beat healthy self! I apprexiate it. You ROCK!

  11. 4 rounds plus 4 bfsu

    Gpu's to the floor
    Squats to below parallel

  12. 5 rounds with 5 sec left on the timer

    All bpu

    Then did Tuesday wod.

    6 rounds + jr & kbs 20 lbs

  13. 6 rounds just a few sec after 10 min
    All boy pu. Didn't really feel like doing it but convinced myself since only 10 min. Glad i did! Will do Tues on sat

  14. 4 rounds plus 10 BSU and 2 push-ups
    All regular push-ups.

  15. Pat – 3rds then thru 7 squats on the 4th – held #20 ball for sit ups

    Maria – 3rds then thru 6 (2nd set) sit ups held #20 kb for sit ups, push ups and squats on Bosu Ball

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