Tuesday 10.14.14


3 rounds for time of:
15 Front squats, 30lbs
15 Push-ups
15 Jump lunges
15 Knees to elbows
15 Hang clean, 20-30lbs
15 Back extensions (supermans or body surfers)

Compare to 10.15.12

no caffeine


  1. 12:58 as rx'd w/ 30#
    Boy pu/ KTE on bar

    Gotta love the ones that are tougher than they look!

  2. 12:44 compare to 15:26 when I first started! Did this with my 8yo son, which was so fun

  3. 13:08 having abnormal pain in front of thighs, so I tried only 20# for first round of squats and cleans, but had to change last two rounds to no weight. :/ Better that than no exercise I suppose.

  4. 15:07
    40 lb squats
    Knees to elbows (more toes to bar) on bar
    20 lb cleans

  5. 10:47
    20# squats and cleans
    K2E on floor

  6. 10:42
    15 FS 20#
    15air squats
    15 twists w/ med ball
    15 hang clean 20#
    15 dips
    3 rounds
    38 weeks pregnant

  7. 3 mile run

    40# front squats and hang cleans
    kte on bar
    My time was slower than last time, but big improvements in weight and kte on bar this time.

  8. 12:07 20#, k2e in floor, super mans single arm/leg in all 4's.
    Good to be back:)

  9. Completed after 10/6 wod. 11:51. 45# squat and cleans. Supermans on ab machine. Then body pump.

  10. 17:41
    second round was slow. KTE on bar really slow me down! 20-30-20 for hang cleans, all else at RX'd…

  11. 10:58. GPU to the floor, 30# for cleans, K2E on floor. Rest as rx'd.

    Vs. 12:04 from 10/15/12; everything the same. I kicked the old me's butt! Plus, I've had a baby since then. 🙂

  12. Wow. Everyone did this so fast!

    Oh well.


    55# FS & Cleans
    KTE on bar

    Took more time so I could do it without modifying.

    Ran 2.5 miles on a treadmill that was quite rickety!

    Heather Foster, make sure you tell us when you have your baby! Hoping you have a safe and happy delivery! You should have an easier one considering how awesomely in shape you are! 🙂

  13. 8:57
    15# fs
    Kte standing
    20# hang clean
    No back extensions

    Walked 4.5 miles

  14. 11:47, 30# squat, girl/wall pushups, kte on floor, 10# one armed hang clean

  15. Ran 4.5 miles.


    35lbs on squats and cleans
    KTE on bar

  16. Pat 16:19 #95 FS & HC
    Maria 16:13 #50 FS & HC

    both added time but increased weight by #30 & #15

  17. 15:43
    11 weeks pp
    50 lb front squats and hang cleans
    Knee push-up for up but boy pushups for down
    Kte on bar

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