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Tuesday 08.12.14

3 rounds for time of:
30 dumbbell shoulder presses, 10 lb dumbbells (20 lbs total)
20 pull-ups (assist as needed)
10 bench dip

Post time to comments.

no caffeine 
no soda
fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol


  1. Did last week
    3 rounds 20 reps each
    30 lbs shoulder press first round then 20 lbs
    TRX pullups

    Today 5 rounds
    20 lb hang power cleans
    10 front squats 49 lbs
    10 squat thrusters

  2. Did As my second wod (first involved 150 push-ups and sprints!)
    8 minutes
    60# assist PU
    12# assist dip
    20# barbell

    Arms are toast

  3. 8:55
    Used bar instead of dumbbells
    Jump up lower down pull ups
    Arms on fire!

  4. Hiit mamas northglenn 25# pp
    Shawntae 9:54 (11 ring pu)
    Holly 12:17 band pu
    Sharadee 11:47 3 ring 10 band
    Jina 6:30 1round on band
    Jen 10:47 some band some ring:)
    Aiden 6:25 1 ring
    Courtney 13:47 jump
    Garrett 95# pp 2 round ring

  5. 4 mile speed walk
    20# press for 2 rounds then 10#
    Kitchen table for pull ups
    Bench dip on chair

    18 weeks pregnant

  6. Ran 4 miles


    12.5 lbs DB (total 25) for shoulder presses–last round was killer as it was hard not to do a push press.

    Kipping pull ups

  7. No pull up bar so I only did shoulder press and bench dips. I agree with Jen Roe. That last set was hard to not do a push press. Arms are on fire now.

  8. This workout's name should be 'Lactic Acid.'

    I did 10 pull ups with band, 10 jumping for each round
    Straight leg dips

  9. 9:37
    chair asst pull ups

    Agree with everyone else – so hard to keep strict shoulder press. Arms are definitely flaming.

  10. 11:20
    2nd WOD post back surgery 4 months ago. Being very careful. My shoulder presses turned into push presses to not strain my back. Jumping pull-ups.

  11. 5:12
    Pull ups jump assist and so weak
    Although time is fast…pull-ups not up to par.

  12. 9:09. Subbed push ups for pull ups, no bar available. Killer arm WOD!

  13. 10:30
    20# for shoulder press. Toward the end of each set I really wanted to push press!
    Subbed bent over row for pull ups – used 30# for total weight.
    I did tricep dips on the bench. I hope that's what I was supposed to do!

    Gym challenge move – 100 squats

    200 sit ups

    20 min interval run

  14. 7:35
    20# 1st round then down to 10# for last 2
    Gpu's (just ordered pu bar today)
    Even with the modifications my arms r screamin'!!!!

  15. 9:23

    Subbed push ups for pull ups (need to buy a bar!!)

    Holy arms!!

  16. 8:24

    Got 2 rounds in before I had to pick up my son. I have this week had three calluses rip open so the pull-ups were slow and challenging.

  17. Pat 15:00 #25 db's
    Maria 18:50 #20 db's and on last round of pull ups hubby helped – I think that was harder

  18. completed on 10/18 after 1.5 mile run. 10:00 45# press. 70, 80, 90# assistance on pull ups.

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