Monday 08.04.14


10 rounds for time of:
15 push-ups
100-meter sprint

Post time to comments.

Hiit Mama Janelle
(check out those ripped legs!)

 “I’m Janelle and I found your site when I was about 6 Months
postpartum with my second child. I wanted to get into Crossfit but
hadn’t been able to because I can’t get to a gym very often and I didn’t
know where to start as far as scaling down. When I saw your work outs, I knew it was the solution to my problems. 
started doing them in November and would do some running in addition to
the WODS. I then decided to start the challenge at the beginning of
January because I knew that while exercise is great, you have to eat-the-eat, as it were, to see the results you want. I did the Challenge and
lost about 6 pounds but more importantly around 5 inches total. I wasn’t
discouraged by small results and I know that you have to commit to the
long term if you want the awesome results. 
I have continued to do the WOD’s 4 or 5 times a week with
additional running and then two days of running on the weekend. I am
also eating way better and LESS then I was when I was still nursing, so I
am continuing to see progress. At the current time I have lost a total
of 10 lbs and another 2 inches. I LOVE the workouts and I love gaining
strength and seeing progress. THANK YOU for posting every day and for
doing it when you couldn’t participate too. What a selfless gift!”

no caffeine 
no soda
fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm


  1. I did CF Mom version of this one.
    5 rounds
    200 m run
    15 push-ups


  2. 15:23
    Pu- arms in & chest to floor- some boy, some with 1 knee down, some girl. These slowed me down more than I thought.

    Great job Janelle!

  3. 11 minutes
    Ran on treadmill 0.70 miles total
    First two rounds of girl pushups
    All other rounds were bicep curls and then tricep curls

  4. Ran 3 miles then

    All boy push ups
    Ran outside on track

  5. 11:25 all regular push-ups on first round. Last nine rounds were 10 regular, five modified. Sprints turned into jogs towards the end!

  6. Ran 3 miles

    Followed Denise's modifications 🙂
    200 m run
    15 pu
    6 rounds @ 9:55
    17 weeks pregnant

  7. 14:52
    50 JR instead of 100 m run

    1st day back since oral surgery on Friday. Taking it slow.

  8. 11:38

    Subbed 5 burpees for sprints. Ran 3.13 mi and mowed the yard before checking the workout.

  9. Congrats, Janelle!! What gorgeous gams you have!

    had treadmill maxed out
    all GPU

    Really struggled with the push ups! The last two rounds were total weak sauce!

  10. Abt 20 min. Forgot to set my timer. Did 10 rounds of 100 m run (towards the end it was jogging)
    5 rounds girl push ups
    Going to do butterfly sit ups & some knees to elbows tonight.

  11. 10:40. Sets 1-5 were 15 gpu
    Sets 6-10 10 gpu

  12. Thanks all! & Thanks Jenni for the WOD. 🙂 It kicked my butt today.

    Ran half mile warm up. Then:

    11:07 – Outside sprints in the rain and mosquitos. ( I kept stopping the push ups to get the buggers off me! I live in AK so it's no joke when I say they were swarming me!)

    BPU and inclined BPU on a 2 ft. retaining wall alternating rounds.

    Then ran more for a total of three miles.

  13. Today was my first WOD since sometime last August. I'm now 4 months postpartum with my 4th baby and just getting back into the grove of exercise. Before this baby I had been following your site for almost a year and was making great progress, I felt so much stronger and sexier! I can't wait to get that feeling back!!!

    My husband is working with me on these, but modifying them to be more challenging for him. Really he's doing it to help keep me motivated.

    Today' time: 12 min 9 seconds (all gpu, but it's a start)

  14. 11:59
    Bpu's 1st round
    Then gpu's the rest
    Had to go down to 10 Pu after 3rd round

  15. 11 minutes
    And definitely let out a way too loud "woo" on the treadmill lol!
    All boy PU excepts for rounds 5 & 6

  16. Completed on 11/8 after 8/11wod. All push ups on knees. 60 sec break first half, 90 sec breaks 2nd half.
    40, 39, 40, 42, 41, 39, 40, 43, 40, 39 sec.

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