Monday 07.28.14

Three’s A Crowd

For time:
30 burpees
300 jump rope
Run 3 miles

Post time to comments.

no caffeine 
no soda
fruit or veggie snacks


  1. 37:26. Did 35 burpees. Really wish my hatred of running made me faster, but it has the opposite effect.

  2. Running any "longer" distance will have to wait for me. Instead I did "Broken Fran."
    21 thrusters 20#
    21 pull-ups
    400 m run
    15 thrusters 40#
    15 pull-ups
    9 thrusters 40#
    9 pull-ups
    400 m run
    Pull-ups were on TRX

    1. That seems so fast for how far along you are! You are amazing!

    2. Thanks but I cheated with the TRX pull-ups 😉

      Funny– I didn't see you replied here until after I read your 5K time and then I replied to you.

  3. Raining outside, did last Mondays workout "Jackie "
    Added bsu
    12 rounds

  4. 35:15
    Did workout backwards today. So ran, jr, then burpees.
    16 werks pregnant.

    Ran a 5k on Saturday. Did amazing well for my condition:) finished 6th woman at 25:55 and averaged an 8:15 mile!

  5. 33:40 only two miles. Half strict push up burpees, other half chest to floor burpees. It feels like 110 degrees outside today!!

  6. E: 36:53 (6:41+30:12)
    H: 36:01 (5:33+30:31)

  7. Ran first, pushed 2 kids in jogger (2 kids = 70#), biggest kid rode his bike, was about 3-ish miles, stopped at park for an hour halfway through, 30-ish minutes total run time. Very ish-y today!

    Then 5:00 exactly for burpees and JR.

  8. 38 minutes for everything and added the few hundred meters to make it a 5k

  9. At the 2 mile mark 30 min stopped for bathroom break but forgot to start the timer again. I guess total of like 40 min or so!

  10. Advanced
    3 rounds
    20 BOSU ball sit ups
    20 push ups
    20 overhead walking lunges #25 plate

    27 weeks pregnant

  11. This was my first Hiitmamas workout. What a way to begin! Finished whole workout in abt. 45 minutes. Walked my last mile trying not to die from heat exhaustion! Ready for day 2!

  12. 9:45 for the burpees and jump rope. Will do the 3 miles later if it stops raining.

  13. 19:52. All the way through to 1.17 miles instead of 3 miles due to so many interruptions! Had to stop for bathroom, then pick up a car, then my son was done with football! Finally gave up just one of those days. Did get a 15 min chest tri workout in earlier tho.

    6:26 burpees & jr

  14. 27:50

    Burpees & SJR inside in 5:13

    Ran 3 miles outside in 22:37

    Then Ran half mile cool down.

    HATE burpees!

  15. Ok my fitbit made me feel guilty for not finishing since i was 800 steps short of my goal. So i ran a little over 2 miles more for a total of 3 miles & 337 meters for a total of 42:45 for the wod!

    Only took 3 start &stops but i did it!:)

  16. 32 minutes
    Had to run backwards part of the way to encourage a three-year-old on a bike… pushed her part of the way too!

  17. 10/19: 2:46 30 burpees
    10/19: 3:08 300 jump rope
    9/30: 8:58 1.10 miles
    10/19: 13:27 1.60 miles
    10/20 2:39 .30 mile
    Total time: 35:00

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