Thursday 07.24.14


Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
3 hang power cleans, 20 lbs
6 bench dips
9 box jumps, 18 inch
27 double-unders (sub 108 single jumps)

Post rounds completed to comments.

January 2014

March 2014

July 2014
 Hiit Mama Erica

Jenni! Here are my 90 days results!!!  The first pictures are from January (4
months after baby #3).  Second two are after my first 90 day challenge in
March.  Last two are today after my second 90 day challenge!  Pardon
all of the baby clothes and laundry everywhere!
I am a 31 year old mom of three (6 1/2, 4, and 10 months).  I found HIIT
mamas when my second child was 2 1/2.  I was able to lose the last little
bit of baby weight before we got pregnant with #3.  I did my best to eat
healthy and keep exercising while pregnant, but I don’t have a great metabolism
and I gained over 45# with baby #3.  At about 5 weeks postpartum I started
the WODs slowly.  It took me a few weeks to post my times because I thought
they were so slow.  But I kept getting stronger and the weight started
dropping.  After the 1st 90 challenge, I had lost 9 pounds, 7 inches and
one dress size.  After the 2nd challenge, I lost an additional 8 pounds, 6
inches, and one dress size.  That’s 17 pounds, 13 inches, and two dress
sizes in 6 months!!  I try to not ever skip workouts (or make them up when
I do) and do most of the food challenges. 
Thanks, Jenni, for helping me get back into shape!  I am in better shape
now than I ever have been before!  I am doing my first ever mud run with a
friend on 7/19 and I am so excited.  I love being a HIIT mama!!”  -Erica

no caffeine 
no soda


  1. 36 jumps shy of 8 rounds
    45# hang cleans
    Dips on rings with band assist
    24" box
    Single jumps

  2. 10 rounds exactally
    Subbed upright row for PC (alternate each round)
    Bench dips w/ straight legs on incline- butt to floor
    Step ups on 18" box
    Subbed 4 up/ down stairs for jr- that was killer by round 5!

    Dripping & nauseous! Good one 🙂

    Great job Erica- you look awesome!

  3. 8 rounds plus hpc, bench dips, and box jumps of 9th round.
    Did single jump rope 15" box jumps, and 20lb cleans

  4. 10 rounds
    20# pc
    15" box (3 rounds were step ups to catch my breath)
    all double unders

    Dripping and shaky! That was hard!

  5. Thanks Julie!! So glad I took pictures because sometimes it's hard to believe it!

    10 rounds + 3 HPC + 6 dips + 9 box jumps + 40 SJR for "me"!

    30# HPC
    14" box jumps (all I have)

    If anyone's curious, the mud run was a BLAST! I got 16th out of 192 in my age group and 202 out of 1341 overall, all thanks to these awesome workouts.

  6. 9 rounds except jump rope. Box jumps were 24". Single jump rope.

    That was a killer.

  7. Ran 1 mile warm up

    8 Round plus everything to 78 SJR.

    Jump rope KILLED me!

    65Lb PC
    Bench dips with feet elevated
    18" box

    Ran 1.25 miles after. TIRED!

    You look fantastic Erica! And congrats and your mud run!

  8. 7 rounds 45 lb barbell for hpc I only have 14'boxjump and single Jr..grrrrrrr! Sweaty like crazy

  9. 10 rounds+3 power cleans, 6 bench dips, 2 box jumps.
    65# on cleans, all double unders

  10. 8 rounds + power cleans, dips, and 4 step ups

    Subbed 24in step ups for box jump

  11. Just the sjr shy of 11 rounds, as rx'd. I can't run well, but my days of playground jump rope champion came flashing back to me 🙂

  12. Completed on 9/30. 45# cleans, 30 in box step ups, single jump ropes. Then body pump.

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