Wednesday 07.23.14


For time:
30 thrusters, 20 lbs
20 butterfly sit-ups
400 meter run
20 thrusters, 20 lbs
30 butterfly sit-ups
400 meter run
10 thrusters, 20 lbs
40 butterfly sit-ups
400 meter run

Post time to comments.

Hiit Mama Stephanie

“Hello my name is Stephanie. I wanted to
take the time to thank you for all that you do in creating and managing your
blog! It has truly changed my life. I have struggled all my life with my
weight. My senior year of high school I decided to make a change and met with a
nutritionist. Over the next two years I lost over 130 pounds.  A few years
later I got married and became a mom and I put my health on the back
burner.  The result was a nearly complete weight gain of the weight I had
previously lost. Fast forward to last year. On July 4th I participated in a 5k
with my family which was miserable.  I had to walk most of it and finished
with a time just over 50 min. After that I knew I wanted to take back my life.
My sister in law, ronna, told me about your blog and about two weeks after that
4th July run I completed my first WOD. I was hooked! The ability to compete
against myself (and of course check out the other womens times) has given me
such confidence and an amazing sense of acconplishment. I look forward every
morning to see what workout I will be doing that day! It has changed not only
my mind but my body! I have lost 62 pounds and 35 inches over the last year!
This July 4th I again ran the same 5k. Not only did I run in the race, but ran
the entire thing, including the 3rd mile all up hill, in 38 min! Because of
your blog I am a better women not only for myself but more importantly for my
family, because I love myself again! And that is a priceless gift you have
given me! Thank You!!”   -Stephanie

no caffeine 
no soda


  1. 16:35

    Great work Steph! Healthy body, mind and spirit!

  2. 17:04

    Last set of BFSU were BF crunches. 300 abs in class this a.m. And my tailbone is bothering me.

    Total body challenge this a.m.
    Gym challenge move of the day: 8 min wall sit
    3 mile run

    I'm starving now!

    Great motivation Steph!

  3. 16:34
    Combo of butterfly & reverse crunches

    Great job Stephanie! Keep it up!!

  4. 3 mile run
    Sub plank twists for bfsu due to pregnant belly

  5. Hit mamas northglenn
    Jen 9:30
    Jina 8:
    Holly 13:25
    Karissa 15
    Leslie 16
    Sharee 17
    Jessica 11:45

  6. 13:06
    30# thrusters

    Stephanie is my sister in law. She is so awesome. So proud of her and her dedication.

  7. Way to Go Stephanie!!!

    9:27 w/o the runs
    Training for a 1/2 and have developed shin splints. I am resting them this week before my next long run.

  8. First off, Stephanie that is awesome! Congratulations.

    30# on first two sets of thrusters, 45# on set of 10. My legs are quite sore from yesterday.

  9. About 12:30 as rx'd. Timer stops when a text comes in. Legs are tired!

    Congrats, Stephanie!! What an amazing accomplishment! Keep it up, girl!

  10. Good job Stephanie!

    20# thruster
    sub 2.5 minutes SJR for 400m run

  11. 19:27
    Subbed 400 sjr for the 400m run in each set.

  12. Rock on, Stephanie! Be proud of your hard work and willpower!

    45# thrusters
    Rest as Rx'd

  13. First all thank you everyone for the kind words, I truly couldn't do it with out all your guys hard work and example! Had a crazy day but had to fit the "Stephanie" WOD named after me!!
    30# thrusters

  14. 16:07
    45# thrusters
    longer than 400 meter runs.
    My very old treadmill is not correct for distance or speed. So I don't use it for distance. I ran until it said 400 meters, which took a minute or more longer than my normal speed for 400 meters m

  15. 14:32 as rxd. Congrats Stephanie that's an amazing story!

  16. 12:55
    30# thrusters, outside workout.

    Great work, Stephanie!

  17. Stephanie, you're an inspiration!

    Butterfly crunches instead of BSU, tail is still sore from last Thurs.

    500m loops


  18. Great job Steph!

    .75 mile warm up


    35 lb thrusters butt to floor

    2 miles after for a total of 3.5

  19. Yay, Stephanie! Keep up the hard work!
    35#, 45#, 55# for thrusters

  20. 17:00
    200 JR instead of 400 meters
    Arms crossed on BFSU
    20# thrusters

    +3.5 mile run

  21. 12:09
    30lb thrusters
    lowered thruster reps to 15, 10 and 5 and increased lbs.
    did fluidity core work, rx'd reps

    finished fluidity core work after wod

    next time increase # thrusters or lbs

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