Thursday 07.17.14


For time:
Run 500 meters
50 Butterfly sit-ups
Run 1,000 meters
30 Butterfly sit-ups
Run 2,000 meters
20 Butterfly sit-ups

Hiit Mama Corey
90 Day Challenge V

“My name is Corey and
I’m a 26 year old full time audiologist in downtown Chicago!  After
graduate school, my residency time, and getting married I was looking for a way
to get back to the athletic girl I was before all of that!  I found your
sight on a Pinterest post last year and when my family started a biggest loser
contest I started “the year of the six pack”!  I followed your
workouts everyday for the whole year!  Thanks for the great motivation and
workouts!  None if this would have been possible without you!”- Corey

no caffeine
Mamas: send in your before and afters with permission for me to post them and I will name a WOD after you!! hiitmamas@gmail.com


  1. I kind of flopped on this one, b/c I ran with the dog!
    14:00 min
    Bsu as rx'd

  2. Ran 2 miles with a buddy before checking WOD – 19:38
    BSU as RX'D

  3. 24:48
    Not exact with meters but pretty sure I went over the amount.
    Arms crossed on BFSU

  4. 25:48
    Distance was way off on first two rounds, totaled 1915 meters.

  5. 30:26 with a total of 3412 meters, so I was short by about 90 meters. My time is slow, but for a non-runner like me plus 90 bsu, I'll take it!!

    For next time:
    1st run-one lap plus to gate
    2nd run- two laps plus halfway to Eston's
    3rd run- ran three laps walked most of fourth, then ran to Etson's corner and back to house.

  6. Half mile warm up

    18:35 as rx'd

    Then ran another 2.75 and an extra 100 meters to make 5.5 miles.

  7. 25:40
    Humidity made that very uncomfortable! Yuck!

  8. 31:22

    Pace was slow – 5k on Sat but I still wanted to do this one
    BSU arms crossed

    Gym challenge move for the day – 50 fire hydrants each leg

  9. 10:57
    0.24 mi
    50 sit-ups
    30 sit-ups

  10. 36:49
    Slow! Had to take several walk breaks in the last run, but I never stopped, and I ran as much of it as I could! Excited to build up my endurance.

  11. Great Job Corey!
    I had to run for time each round and not distance.
    3 min. 6 min. 12 min.
    BFS as rx'd in between.
    20 minute run after.

  12. 30:02
    As Rx'd. Wow! Super slow and super hot today! I actually looked forward to the sit-ups! I hope to improve next time.

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