Wednesday 07.16.14

10 rounds for time of:
sprint 100 meters
10 squats
sprint 100 meters
10 Burpees
Rest 30 seconds

Compare to 07.11.13

no caffeine
Mamas: send in your before and afters with permission for me to post them and I will name a WOD after you!! hiitmamas@gmail.com


  1. 5 rounds
    Modified burpees
    Some breaks were longer than 30 seconds

    Short on time a.m but will be taking advantage of awesome temps in St. Louis today and hiking this afternoon.

    I am dripping, out of breath and nauseous!

  2. 21:37. Stuck in my basement so subbed 50 jump rope for sprints.

  3. Ran 3 miles

    Modified workout due to time.
    10 rounds
    100 sjr
    10 squats


  4. Hiit mamas northglenn
    Jina 20:58
    Jen 21:03
    Sharadee 28:28
    Shawntae 29:35
    Leslie 31
    Holly 29:35

  5. Ran a mile to warm up

    28:01 as rx'd compared to 32:56 last time.

    than did a few rounds of stadiums

  6. 33:15
    JR singles instead of 100 m run
    Squats butt to floor
    Chest to floor Burpees

    + 3 mile run

  7. 25:14. Did 5 rounds, mostly knee push ups and full burpees. Then RPM. The then final 5 rounds!

  8. 34:22 so much sweat.
    no sprinting for me as I'm recovering from a knee injury.
    Runs felt great on my knee though.
    And here i thought this might be an easy workout.

  9. I DID IT! !! really wanted to stop after round 5 tried to tell myself it was OK to stop, but pushed through and glad I did! Dripping sweat like crazy!!


  10. 25:51
    Compared to 32:57 last year!!!! And did complete burpees for all rounds this time, last time had to step back for last two rounds.

  11. Total Body Challenge class this morning (128 squats then I saw this!)

    Sprints on treadmill so I tried to adjust for ramp up speed
    Squats – butt to calves
    Burpees for all rounds but no push ups in them

    6 min wall sit challenge at the gym -almost forgot that.

    I'm dripping and my legs are a bit rubbery!

  12. 31:03. I was trying to come in under 30 mins but had to take it down to a jog the last three rounds cause I couldn't breathe. Did everything except the last set of burpees under 30 though! All bpu.

  13. 27:05. I felt so embarrassed as i did this @my husbands speed camp he coaches while my kids & a million others did their sprint training. I couldn't sprint, only jogged. Felt itchy doing burpees in grass & tried to convince myself to stop or motify @rounds 5-7 but i pushed through. I did have to stop time to go home for a bathroom break but i came back & continued. My whole shirt was dripping w/ sweat!

  14. 1 Mile run warm up

    23:28 as rx'd

    Butt to floor squats set the TM at 9.5

    Then ran another 2.25 outside for a total of 4.5 miles.

    Jello legs!

  15. I did this at the high school track…I'm going to be 30 and I had a bunch if hs cheerleaders and football players practicing in nearby areas. I had to push myself through this one but did it in 27:58!!!

  16. 27.37
    all chest to floor burpee push ups
    9-9.5 tm for sprints

  17. 24.43
    Though distance actually only.turned out to be 80 m

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