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Tuesday 07.15.14


3 rounds for time of:
Run 300 meters
20 Wall ball shots
10 Push-ups

Compare to 01.28.14

Hiit Mama Katie
90 Day Challenge I
“Thank you so much for
the workouts! I’m done with my first 90 day challenge and excited to start the
next one! I was already pretty happy with my size/weight, but I wanted to tone
up. I lost 1.5 lbs, 1″ off my chest, .5″ off my waist, and .5″
off my hips. I finally have abs and a booty (not just a butt) and I know I look
and feel better than I ever have! Thanks!” – Katie

no caffeine
Mamas: send in your before and afters with permission for me to post them and I will name a WOD after you!! hiitmamas@gmail.com


  1. Did this WOD on 7-6-14 (22 wks)
    12 lb ball
    Outside workout


  2. Hit mamas northglenn
    Shawntae 6:47
    Karissa 6:55
    Jina 6:15 (400m runs)
    Jen 6:09
    Kim 7:03
    Holly 8:15
    Aiden 9:25

  3. 8:54
    150 JR singles instead of 300 m run
    10# ball wall balls

    Compared to last 10:56
    8# wall balls

  4. 8:43
    Regular push ups
    (Ran to Eston's corner of yard and back. Almost exactly 300 meters)
    Vs. 8:54 last time with same modifications.

  5. ran 2 miles then

    150 SJR
    20# thrusters

  6. 6:20

    Sub'd 15 burpees for each 300m
    25# push press for wall balls
    All with a fussy baby hanging on my legs 😉

    Followed by 2 rounds of: 400m sprints + 24 walking lunges + 25 j jacks with jogging stroller

  7. 8:04. 2 seconds slower than last time. 🙁

    Sore from yesterday's WOD plus I went on a 3 mile run at 9pm last night plus up all night with sick kid. Try better next time.

  8. 8:20
    Treadmill- 5.4 speed
    Girl pushups
    10 lb ball

  9. 7:42 i thought i was doing 300 m but jogged a cool down &measured &realized it was 225 m. Oh well. It was 2 min faster than jan but im sure it was a full 300 m. Did do a chesttri workout this morning too though.

  10. 7:26…might have been a little less than 300
    All bpu

  11. 7:40
    But I'm fairly certain my 300m was short

  12. 9:21, run, 10# ball, bpu
    Previous times-8:45 (jr instead of run), 9:45, 10:21

  13. First attempt to run since foot surgery. Didn't want to over do it

    Boy PU
    .19 on treadmill for runs
    Sub 20# thruster for wb

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