Monday 07.14.14


 For time:
15 Squat cleans, 20 lbs
30 Knees to elbows
30 Box jump, 18 inch box
15 Bench dips
30 Push press, 20 lbs
30 Double-unders (sub: 120 jump rope)
15 Thrusters, 20 lbs
30 Push-ups
30 Burpees
300 feet Walking lunge holding 20 lbs

Compare to 07.15.13

Post time to comments.

Hiit Mama Gillian from
90 Day Challenge II

lost 8 pounds, an inch off my waist and half an inch off my hips! I
feel awesome and not as tired. 10 more pounds and another inch off my
waist and I’ll be back to pre-baby me! This is first time that I feel
like my goal is within my grasp.”  -Gillian

Welcome to the Hiit Mamas
 90 Day Challenge VII !!
Here we go Challenge Mamas… 
For the next 90 days we will be 
pushing ourselves harder, 
eating healthier,
 getting tighter and harder,
 and getting bikini ready this summer so we can be 
stronger, healthier 
and HOT!
This is how we will do it:
1. We will do the WOD Monday through Friday and push hard to go faster and do more. We will not cut corners. We will not quit. We will not substitute (unless absolutely necessary).
We will kill it and we will progress our bodies to the ultimate goal.
If you are trying to lose more than 10 lbs, you will add a 1 mile run (or some
other sort of cardio) after any WOD not involving a run.
2. We will drink the Vi-shakes
everyday. If you are trying to lose more than 20 lbs, you should
replace 2 meals a day with a Vi-shake and have a balanced 3rd meal. If
you are trying to lose less than 20 lbs or want to get rid of that last
layer of pudge, you should replace 1 meal a day (I do lunch) with a
Vi-shake with an optional 2nd shake post-workout for optimum muscle
growth and health. If you are underweight and are trying to only build
muscle or if you are nursing and should not cut calories, you will add a
Vi-shake to your post-workout routine or add 2 Vi-shakes, 1 before the
WOD and 1 after for maximum results.
3. Now for the added challenge:
each week I will challenge you to add or remove one thing from your
diet or lifestyle that is not benefiting your health or progression.
Once the week is over, you will continue with that challenge for the
duration of the 90 days, adding something new each week. I will announce
every Friday what the next weeks added challenge will be.
4. Track your progress and results.
Today ONLY I want you to weigh yourself, take your before picture in a
sports bra and shorts or bikini (front, back and side), and measure your
chest, waist, hips, biceps, and thighs. This information is for you
only. Keep it safe somewhere. Post your times on
hiitmamas.com after every WOD as well as how you are feeling, changes
you are noticing, etc. Don’t weigh yourself again until the 90 days is
over, taking into account that muscle is heavier than fat. Our
improved times, measurements, and how our after pictures look will be the biggest


no caffeine

 Mamas: send in your before and afters with permission for me to post them and I will name a WOD after you!! hiitmamas@gmail.com


  1. 17:55
    Bar KTE
    Step ups
    Bench dips on floor
    Squat thrusters insted of burpees (burpees are starting to bother my belly)

  2. Weight as rx'd
    7:39 (no burpees)
    Girl pu's
    K2e on floor
    14 inch box jumps
    120 jump rope

  3. 16 lb weight
    8" stair for box jump
    10 du, 90 jump rope

  4. 16:25
    KTE on bar (stood on bench to take pressure off back)
    18"step ups
    bench dips w/legs up on bench
    subbed 5 up and down on stairs for jump rope (still not cleared to run or jump)
    pushups- half boy/half girl
    burpees- down, walk legs out and in, then back up

    After Fridays walking lunges I had a hard time sitting all weekend 🙂 Those weighted lunges today were tough!

  5. 13:37. 20bpu, 10gpu. 120 sjr. Kte on floor. Not sure of distance for walking lunges. Walked across basketball court 3x.
    Then ran 2 miles on treadmill

  6. Ran 4 miles

    Kte on floor
    Bench dip on chair
    Burpees with no push up
    14 weeks pregnant

    My goal is to keep up the exercise and hopefully not get as big as I did with my first. All you ladies prego and still do the workouts inspire me!

    1. Congratulations on youpregnancy and welcome to the club 😉

  7. Hiit mamas northglenn
    Shawntae 21:15
    Sharadee 28:20
    Holly 18:18
    Kim 27:15
    Courtney 35:15

  8. Ran 4.5 miles then


    45lbs on all exercises
    KTE on bar
    All boy push ups
    35lb lunges

  9. 19:51
    15" box jumps
    150 jump rope
    Regular push ups
    10x carport for lunges (90 total) 25lbs.

    Vs. 21:19 last year with mpu

  10. 27:25
    Tried my best in knees to elbows
    Did single JR AND 17" bench for box jumps.
    + 3 mile run

  11. Ran 3.7 miles

    40# Squat cleans, pp, and thrusters
    kte on bar
    12" box jump
    Double unders
    Half bpu Half gpu
    100 40# walking lunges

    Dripping in sweat. Even though I am up early to workout the AZ heat kills me.

  12. 15:58….30 20# weighted lunges rather than 300 ft

  13. 18:22
    3 minutes more than a year ago. Though I used 45# on all weighted exercises and 25# walking lunges.

  14. Way to go Gillian!!!


    Accidently did 30 squat cleans 30#
    First time doing Knees to chest! Did 20 then finished 10 KTE on floor#
    30 box jumps mix of jump and step up still not sure about my shins
    15 bench dips
    push press 30#
    Thrusters 30#
    15 BPU 16 GPU
    Burpees killed my time was just tired by this point!
    Walking lunges 30 #

  15. 17:55
    30# squat cleans, PP, thrusters. 20# walking lunges.

  16. Congrats Gillian!!


    30# for SC, PP, and thrusters
    K2E on floor
    14" box jumps
    100 lunges w/ 20#
    rest as rx'd

    Doing a 3.5 mile trail run tonight. Just bought the 15# dumbbells this weekend. First time doing 30# on these. Whew!

    Shoutout to my sis in law JENESSA who just had baby #1 and is starting these workouts today! You go, girl!!

  17. 22:09

    K2E on floor
    14" box jumps
    body weight lunges only

    .5 mile run after.

    Felt slow and out of shape, but I guess I need to start somewhere!

  18. 23:52
    Regular Squats with 45lbs
    K2E on Bar
    Push Press 45 Lbs
    120 Jump Ropes
    15lb Thrusters
    No weight on Lunges.
    15 min run after.

    Great workout.

  19. 15:29
    KTE on floor
    Completed walking lunges, but not part of time (didn't write them down- oops!)

    6wks postpartum

  20. 13:52
    40# squat cleans
    40# push press
    30# thrusters
    40# walking lunges
    Full burpees

  21. 14:37
    24# squat cleans
    KTE on floor
    120 single jump rope
    Box jumps were my weird single leg hop up thing on 15"
    100 mountain climbers for burpees
    Everything else as RX'd

    Also did a very easy workout DVD and then an incline walk, which was not so easy.

  22. Wow. Seriously impressed with the times on here.
    I'm still sore from Friday and tired from running 8 miles yesterday.


    45 lb sq
    Kte on bar
    45 lb pp
    35 lb thrusters
    The walking lunges killed me after Friday…

  23. 19:34
    Squat cleans with 45lbs
    K2E on Bar
    24" box jumps
    Dips on rings with band
    Push Press 45 Lbs
    120 Jump Ropes
    45lb Thrusters
    No weight on lunges. Did 30. Was whooped.

    Dripping and gasping!

  24. 17:55 20#, 15kte with chair assist, 100 total lunges

  25. 21:16
    20 lbs first 15 cleans, then had to switch to 16
    K2E on floor
    60 jumprope instead of box
    16 lb push press
    120 jumprope
    16lb thrusters
    Walkout burpees
    100 walking lunges 16lb

  26. 16:21, followed by 20 minutes of yoga

    45# bar for all weights
    120 jump ropes

  27. 22:05. 45# bar for all weight except 15 push press, used 30#. 24in box. Single jump rope. Then RPM.

  28. 21:05 (30 sec faster)…still lots of holding my knees sucking wind
    55# sc (vs 25# last yr)
    18" box (15")
    120 sjr
    45# pp (20#)
    45# thruster (25#)
    All bpu (20 bpu)
    30#/24# lunges (20#)-40 lunges total

  29. Pat – 19:25, #25db, #55-pp/thrusters & #25 plate lunges (beat last time by 2 min)

    Maria 20;35 #20db, #45 pp/thrusters & 15db lunges beat last time by 4 min

  30. 23:44
    increased weights
    24 lb squat cleans
    30 lb push press
    30lb thrusters
    100 steps walking lunge to equal 300 feet with 20 lb weights

    Great workout!!

  31. 13:29
    K2e on floor
    Second step for box jump
    Imaginary rope
    Boy PU
    No PU on burpee
    50 lunges

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