Monday 05.19.14

7 rounds of:
15 hip raises (squeeze at the top!!)
3 boy push-ups

no caffeine 
no soda
fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol
reduce sugar intake


  1. Not sure of time, forgot to start timer! Did 15 hip raises and 13 push ups each round, 3 push ups didn't seem like enough

  2. Stacie's first hiit mamas workout woohoo! MO, Stacie and I got 5:51, 6:05, 5:49. PLUS, Stacie did a 6 mile bike ride!

    We topped off our workout with sweet potato and beet hash with eggs and avocado. Group workouts rock!

    So Sherri…..What do you have to say about us finally getting Stacie to try hiitmamas? 🙂

  3. Ran 4.5 miles


    Then I did 200 BF sit ups and 50 boy push ups

  4. 3:36
    First two sets regular boy push-ups but can not go all the way down to chest touching. Switched to 20" incline so I could touch my chest. Hubby says not going all the way down misses a whole muscle group that makes arms really toned ?
    2.1 mile run with son

  5. 3:22

    Hip raises and BPU with feet on Bosu ball

    Walked 10 min before and jogged 1.5 miles after

  6. Didn't realize that the timer didn't stop… went through 1 1/2 songs. … so I am saying like between 4 1/2 and 5 min…

  7. 6:50
    First day back after broken wrist w surgery (wrist has frozen so adapting) since October 2013.

  8. 5:22 for Katie and Lori, loved that burn with the squeeze at the top. Burn burn burn

  9. First I did last Wed WOD, and ran a mile warm up/cool down.


  10. 5:10
    push ups on the 2nd step because flat hurts my wrist – any suggestions for building wrist strength?

  11. 4:16
    Did the wrong exercise for hip raises I think?!?! Did a reverse ab lift with heels going toward the ceiling…

  12. Julie, way to encourage Stacie! You guys are the best…..can't wait to see her muscles!

    1. She's the hippest hiitmama (and newest) out there! We'll keep encouraging (ie harassing her). She looks fiiiiiiinnnne already….she'll be double smokin hit in no time! 🙂

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